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How to get out of the weeds and lead effectively

In my work, I see many leaders getting sucked into ‘doing’ tasks when their real job is to ‘define’ the work and ensure their attention is across multiple horizons. 

The result? Strategic initiatives being relegated to the ‘someday maybe’ list, too few hours in the day, and a waste of human potential as their team either sits idle in the wings or scrambles to keep up.

Often, there’s a fear that not getting your hands dirty equates to not pulling weight. Yet, as this month’s Acumen shows, ideation, effective delegation, and leveraging the unique strengths of those in your team are the real drivers of successful project execution. They are also the secret to scaling yourself, your team, and your business.


Listen: The 80% Approach Revisited | 10x Talk Podcast interview (16 mins)

The 80% Approach, popularised by entrepreneur coach Dan Sullivan, is a transformative strategy for beating micromanagement and the paralysis of perfectionism. In this abridged interview, Sullivan explains how this technique applies to leadership and gives real-life examples of the boost it can give to personal productivity.


Project Leadership Playbook: ‘Make It Up, Make It Real, Make It Happen’

A first step to getting out of the weeds can be as simple as recognising who you have around you and where everyone’s best contribution lies.

This month’s Cadence Tool, based on the work of Dan Sullivan, describes a three-stage process for effective project leadership. Click through to learn how this simple framework can supercharge your productivity and ensure you’re using the best of everyone — including yourself! — to get work done.


Feeling frustrated with others and just want to finish the job? Taking back control (and showing people who’s boss) might seem like a good idea today, but what about tomorrow, when you pull up your task list?!