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Drama in the workplace – what role do you play?

‘Drama’ within teams and between colleagues is inevitable.  I see my fair share in my role as a coach and studies suggest that leaders spend 40-90% of their time dealing with conflicts. Furthermore, unresolved conflict is a factor in at least 50% of resignations. So, how can you cultivate more productive relationships? It requires high self-awareness and taking full responsibility for the roles you play that keep you repeating unhelpful patterns.


WATCH: The Drama Triangle | Conscious Leadership Group | 3 mins

This short video on Karpman’s ‘Drama Triangle’ effectively maps the three archetypal roles that play out in any interaction; the ‘Victim’ (the “poor me” role), the ‘Villain’ (the blamer), and the Hero (the rescuer). It also explains the way out; a set of roles – the ‘Creator’, ‘Challenger’, and ‘Coach’ – that serve as the alternative antidote to the default patterns. For more on these more evolved roles, click here.



At the heart of more empowering relationship dynamics is learning to shift from reacting to choosing our response to life events. Consider these questions:
1.  Where are you putting your focus?
– Are you focusing on problems or outcomes? A problem focus engages the Victim orientation. When you update to a Creator Orientation, you focus on outcomes.

2.  How are you relating?
– Are you producing or perpetuating drama or are you empowering others and yourself to be more resourceful, resilient, and innovative?

3. What actions are you taking?
– Are you merely reacting to the problems of the moment or are you creating by taking small steps – including the solving of problems – in service to envisioned outcomes?


This is a classic…. have you ever fallen into this trap?