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Hard Truths… & Delivering Effective Feedback

There is one attribute, in my experience, that separates the best leaders from the rest; they embrace reality.  Seeking the unvarnished truth – about ourselves and our circumstances – is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes. This concept sounds simple but it’s far from easy; it requires us to go against our instinctive attachment to always being right and replacing it with the satisfaction of learning what’s true.

Cadence Curation

VIDEO: Principles for Success | The Ego & Blind Spot Barriers | Ray Dalio (4 mins)

According to investing supremo, Ray Dalio, what differentiates people who live up to their potential from those who don’t is their willingness to look at themselves and others objectively and understand the root causes standing in their way.

Two ‘barriers’ make it difficult for us to objectively see what is true about us and our circumstances. The first is the ego barrier, which prevents us from acknowledging our weaknesses objectively and makes us prone to react to feedback as though it’s an attack. The second is the blind spot barrier, which is a failure to acknowledge that no one alone can see a complete picture of reality. Dalio’s video may just help you reframe how you perceive feedback.

Cadence Toolkit

In this latest (90 second) Cadence ‘toolkit’ video, we share three prove feedback delivery techniques that will ensure your message is more likely to be heard and acted upon…

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Are you falling into a social media and social-circle echo chamber? We could add vaccine hesitancy to the growing list of views, alongside being Pro-Brexit and a Trump voter, that could get you disinvited to some dinner parties. So much for diversity of thought!